One-piece women sunglasses trendy frame

Short Description:

One-piece gradient lens large-frame sunglasses are a must-have item for girls under the sun.

Item No.  21016
Frame Material  PC
Lens Material  PC
Size  158*53*142mm
Colors  7 colors
Function  UV400

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All-in-one fashion sports women's sunglasses, the frame and temples are made of PC material, and the sleek lens lines are more suitable for customers with various face shapes. With bright colors, it is more in line with the bright weather, for the dazzling light, and better protect the wearer's eyes.

Trendy women one-piece sunglasses which is high quality sunglasses.

Maintenance note: Use a clean special lens cloth. Be sure to hold the frame edge wire on the side of the wiping lens with your hand, and gently wipe the lens to avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens. Dry wiping is easy to grind the lens. It is recommended to rinse with water and use a paper towel to absorb the moisture, and then wipe it dry with a special glasses cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to clean it with a low-concentration neutral detergent, and then rinse it with water and dry it. When you are not wearing glasses, please wrap them in a glasses cloth and put them in a glasses case.



1.How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;

Always final Inspection before shipment;

2.What is the payment of orders?

T/T, Paypal, Western Union ,etc.

3.Could I put my own logo on it?

Yes, customer's logo can be made by laser, screen print etc,normal for small quantity we do laser.

4.How long is the delivery time for bulk goods?

About 25-30 days,Our factory will complete our bulk goods before the delivery date. Fully prepare for the follow-up.

  1. Does it support customized packaging?

Of course, but for packaging, we have a certain minimum order quantity to be able to customize.

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