The role of anti blue light glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. Special anti-blue light glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet and radiation and can filter blue light, suitable for watching computer or TV mobile phone use
Anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to eyes. Through comparison and detection by portable spectrum analyzer, the intensity of blue light emitted by mobile phone screen can be effectively suppressed by using anti-blue light glasses, and the damage of harmful blue light to eyes is reduced.
Mainly through the lens surface coating will be harmful blue light reflection, or through the lens base material added blue light factor, will be harmful blue light absorption, so as to achieve the barrier to harmful blue light, protect the eye.
Generally use the anti blue light lens of film layer reflection technology, because harmful blue light is reflected, so the lens surface will reflect blue light, and the anti blue light lens of base material absorption technology will not reflect blue light.  As shown in Figure 4, the glasses reflecting blue light above are anti-blue light glasses.

Anti-blue light glasses are suitable for wearing when using LED digital display devices such as TV, computer, PAD and mobile phone. However, it is not recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses for a long time in daily life, because anti-blue light glasses filter part of blue light, and the picture when viewing objects will be yellow. It is recommended to wear two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily life. A pair of anti-blue light glasses is used when using computers and other LED display digital products. Plain (no degree) anti blue light glasses are very popular with non-myopic users, dedicated to computer office wear, and gradually become a fashion

Post time: May-25-2022