Can wearing glasses let an eye deform?

In daily life, we often think that wearing glasses will cause the eyeball to deform, but it is not the case.  The purpose of wearing glasses is to let us see things more clearly and to some extent to relieve eye strain.  Personal unhealthy use eye habit is really the factor that causes myopia degree to deepen and eyeball deformation.

However, obviously some people wearing glasses, eyeballs look a little convex?  Because this kind of person is the crowd with high myopia that myopia is in 600 degrees above mostly, their eyeball is convex, it is affected by degree number.  The average thickness of a normal eye is 23 to 24 millimeters.  When myopia reaches 300 degrees, the eyeball stretches lengthwise.  At 600 degrees myopia, the eyeball stretches at least 2 millimeters, causing it to appear to bulge.

So protect your eyes against these bad eye habits:

Play with your phone with the lights off.

Incontinently looking at the phone and often rubbing his eyes.

Often with beautiful pupil, do not pay attention to health.

Improper removal of eye makeup, eyeliner residue.

To sum up, wearing glasses will not deform your eyes, so you should pay attention to eye hygiene.

Post time: May-17-2022